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Reactive and Proactive Repairs

Every business is unique and different and we respect and support all of our clients. Our mission is to support our clients as much as we can and to help their businesses thrive. One of the most effective ways that we manage this is by offering reactive and proactive repair services.

Reactive and proactive repairs are the two types of repairs that we can perform in your commercial facility. Reactive repairs and maintenance revolve around fixing equipment and machines which have already stopped working or malfunctioned. Proactive repairs are preventative maintenance tasks performed on your functional equipment and machines in order to reduce their chances of breaking down.

A lot of business owners neglect the proactive repairs and will only request reactive repairs after their equipment stops working. With this kind of attitude, it could cost you more money in the long run because fixing broken equipment is costlier than maintaining functional equipment. That is why if you have more proactive repairs done, it’ll mean fewer reactive repairs needed in the future. 

Since every business is different, they all have varying requirements when it comes to the repair services they need to be done. For example, some of our clients prefer to have us on-call to react to any issues that they may need to be resolved at any given time. These clients like to pay us on a job by job basis without any contracts or long-term commitments. That is perfectly fine with us because we like to offer multiple payment options which are convenient for everyone’s preferences.

Alternatively, some clients like to have monthly rolling contracts instead. This is where we conduct regular checkups and property maintenance tasks on the inside and outside of your facility. This would be considered a proactive maintenance job because we’ll come to your facility on a scheduled time each month, regardless of whether anything is damaged or broken. Furthermore, the monthly rolling contracts will allow you always to know how much you need to pay each month. You will have peace of mind because you won’t need to worry about how much your bill is going to be.

We leave the final decision to our clients. It all depends on what their budget is and how much sensitive equipment they need to be checked regularly. If your business doesn’t have as many worries where equipment is concerned, then you’d probably prefer a reactive service where we’re on-call when you need us. But if you operate several pieces of equipment which are vital to the productivity of your business, then a routine proactive maintenance service is more up your alley.

Regardless of which type of contract they choose, AP Maintenance Ltd is always at the end of the phone when we are needed.

Why not call us so that we can discuss your business needs and how we can best serve you. Get in touch with AP Maintenance Ltd, Maidenheads leading Facilities Management and Maintenance Company and see exactly how we can help you.

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