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Office Refurbishment, Redesign, Creating Offices and Bespoke Working Areas in Berkshire

Office Refurbishment Berkshire

With our offices in Maidenhead, Berkshire and with over 10 years of experience in office refurbishment, redesign, creating offices and bespoke working areas, AP Maintenance Ltd has become a leading provider of office refurbishment in Berkshire. We are recognised as office refurbishment and office fit out specialists.

From the start of a project, through the design phase, the office refit or refurbishment and onto aftercare and support, the dedicated team of expert technicians and tradesmen will give you a one stop solution for your brand-new office interior refurbishment.

We work closely with businesses in Maidenhead, Slough and Windsor to assist them with office and business relocations, office fit outs, partitioning, refurbishment or general business and commercial expansion. Our project managers are there to assist and advise you every step of the way during your project and we always complete on time and on budget, regardless of the project size or type.

Office Refurbishment Services

An office refurbishment will quite often be the most cost-effective way to modernise your business office space without all the difficulties associated with a complete relocation. We are experienced in working in occupied buildings so that your business can continue to operate during the refurbishment process.

Our number one priority are our clients and ensuring that the office redesign or fit out does not affect your business in a detrimental way.

Renew Your Working Environment

Our aim when completing an office refurbishment for any business Berkshire is to maximise the potential of your office space and create more flow to increase productivity.

This may include creating new meeting rooms, private offices, new furniture and rest areas. All business wants to make the best use of the space that they have. A well designed and functioning, contemporary office will lead to increased productivity because quality staff will be happier and more comfortable.  Not only that, but clients are impressed when they come into a professional office.

How Our Office Refurbishment Service Works

Customers Brief - AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

The Clients Brief

Client Brief - AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

Most successful businesses will reach a time when their office space doesn’t work for them anymore, but a complete relocation is very expensive and, on many occasions, completely unnecessary. Therefore, many commercial enterprises are looking at the alternative, which is to re-design and modernise the office space into something that meets the needs of the business. However, an office refurbishment has many factors that need to come together for your project to be successful. Our project manager will meet with you on several occasions to make sure that they fully understand and appreciate the needs of your business. Our design team will then create some fantastic new designs that meet all your business’ requirements. They will work with you to create an outstanding office space. Your dedicated project manager will always be on hand to work with you every step of the way to ensure that the entire redesign and refurbishment process happens seamlessly. We know, through experience, that the end results of what we produce for you will far exceed your expectations.

Office Design - AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

Office Refurbishment Design

The design of your office space is paramount to the success of your business. Your staff need to be able to communicate effectively, move around the office easily and sit at their desks comfortably but this is just the functionality of the office space. The design of the office needs to keep staff motivated and clear thinking by making it visually pleasing, light and airy to increase productivity. A happy workforce naturally increases output. Following the brief, we will provide office layout designs that uses your office space to its very maximum and then discuss and explain the design with you. If at any stage, you have any questions about the office redesign just discuss it with us and we will work with you to make any changes. Our aim is to make sure our clients are always 100% happy and satisfied with our work.

Project Delivery - AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

Project Delivery

Property Refurbishment Maidenhead - AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

We always deliver the results on time and this will be thoroughly discussed with you during the brief and design phases so that you can prepare for the upcoming refurbishment. We are used to working to tight deadlines, but our workmanship never drops or lowers. Our office tradesmen and technicians are highly skilled, complete work to the highest standards and with the minimal amount of fuss or disruption to your business. We will provide any training to your workforce where necessary to ensure your office environment continues to run smoothly. Hard and soft copies of any operation and maintenance manuals will be provided, along with any statutory approval certificates. Most important of all is that we do not desert you or your business once the project is complete, your project manager will continue to be on hand for as long as you need them and deal with any questions or queries you may have.

Project Aftercare - AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

Post Project and Aftercare

Contact AP Maintenance Ltd - Maidenhead Berkshire

We are very proud of the relationships that we have built with the businesses in Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor and Berkshire. Our clients continue to stay in touch and use our services again and again after completion of the initial project. Any future work or alterations will always be treated as high priority and will be given the same attention to detail as the initial refurbishment. Our clients stay with us for the long term which demonstrates that the service and support we provide for our commercial clients is working.

Property Management in Maidenhead Berkshire - AP Maintenance Ltd

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