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Complete Water Testing Including Legionella Bacteria

L8 & Legionnaires Water Testing

L8 and Water Testing is a vital aspect of the Health and Safety that employers have towards their employees. Failure to test your water systems for Legionnaires disease or water temperature could lead to a member of staff, either becoming ill or getting injured.

If you could not prove that you had taken the necessary steps to ensure you have a safe work place, as the employer you may be accused and liable of negligence.

Approved Code Of Practice L8 – The Control Of Legionella Bacteria In Water Systems

The guidelines concerning legionella control are included in the Approved Code of Practice L8 2-13- The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (ACOP L8). Failure to comply with these guidelines could pose a risk to people’s health; should this occur a lack of compliance will be used as evidence of negligence.

ACoP L8 and Water Testing guidelines stipulate the following:

  • A thorough identification and assessment of all potential sources of Legionella risk, carried out in accordance with BS 8580:2010 – Water-quality Risk Assessment for Legionella control
  • A prepared copy of a Legionella prevention and treatment scheme, in writing
  • The appointment of a staff member who is responsible for implementing and managing said scheme
  • Clear and comprehensive keeping of all relevant records

Legionnaires Risk Assessment

Legionella is a bacterium that if it found in large enough numbers has the potential to cause fatal Legionnaires Disease.

As an employer or a person in charge of a premises (e.g. A landlord) you are required to have an Legionnaires Risk Assessment in place and renewed every two years.

Water Testing

AP Maintenance Ltd also completes a large range of other water testing services for the businesses in Maidenhead that we look after.

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The other water testing services that we offer include:

  • Borehole water tests
  • Drinking water tests Water metal tests
  • Water bacterial counts (TVC)
  • Monthly temperature monitoring
  • Shower head disinfection & descaling
  • Water tank disinfection
  • Water tank Chlorination

AP Maintenance Ltd offer a full Facilities Management Service for Businesses throughout Maidenhead and Berkshire. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance and Health and Safety Experts are here to make sure that your company is working to its full potential at all times.

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Our Facilities Management Services Include:

  • Insurance damage work
  • Removing unwanted items
  • General Building Maintenance
  • Fabric / Handyman Maintenance
  • PPM Maintenance
  • HVAC – AC
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • L8 Water Testing
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Ceiling tiles and Carpet Tile Replacements
  • Replacing Lamps, Bulbs and Fittings
  • Replacing and Fitting Digital Door Locks
  • Replacing vinyl and carpet tiles
  • Replacing ceiling tiles and light fittings
  • Replacing emergency lights and Signage
  • Moving existing floor boxes & Network cables
  • Moving Furniture
  • Deep cleaning service
  • Office Cleaning service
  • Commercial Painting & Decorating
  • Hanging White Boards and Notice Boards
  • Fitting Window Blinds
  • Putting up Plasma screens
  • Putting up Signs and Pictures
  • Assembling and Moving Furniture
  • Plumbing Tasks
  • Electrical work
  • Fitting Window Blinds / Cut to size

AP Maintenance Offer a much larger range of Facilities Management and Maintenance Services for your Property, including Re-active and Pro-active (Planned Preventative Maintenance), get in touch today to see exactly how we can help and support your local Maidenhead business.

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